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No matter where you’re situated, help is only an email away.


Turbocharge your WordPress SEO.

Full WordPress audit using server side compression techniques, browser caching and mobile optimization. You’ll notice a dramatic page load increase and thus, better Google ranking.


The Fix IT Guy: Specialist Linux advice, maintenance & WordPress Support.

Windows, Apple or Linux. If it’s broke, I’ll fix it.

Timely Support

Supporting small business and home users everyday. I’ll come to you or, if necessary provide remote support direct and immediate.

Innovative Ideas

I also work in the media industry and can provide creative help in both music, video production and web related content.

Advanced Technologies

Up-to-date of developments in IT tech with foresight of future SEO innovations. Involved in Bitcoin, Litecoin and cryptocurrency trading.


Clear Communication

Pleasant and interesting? Not your normal IT repair guy maybe… I am also a good communicator with a professional and focused manner.

Don't Be Shy. Get In Touch.

Remote and On-site IT assistance.



CPU saved from compression techniques

  • Client issues solved 2014 100%
  • Server uptime 99.99%

Pages served in 2015

Software issues? Hardware trouble? I’m-not-sure-what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-it trouble?

No problem: just give me a call and I’ll take care of it. Wherever you’re based, my Edinburgh computer repair service will come straight to you.

Big jobs; small jobs; niggling jobs. Click here and The Fix IT Guy will make it all better.

This Is My Story

Hailing from the early 80’s I’ve grown up around computers, starting with a ZX Spectrum all the way up to my current 8 Core Hackintosh Dual booting monster.

Nowadays, you’re more likely to find me in front of a terminal administering Linux servers remotely or building high end editing workstations for the film and music industry. I am able to fix nearly any type of computer, Windows, Mac or Linux and charge no fee unless the problem is resolved.

Home and Office visits including evenings are available even on weekends. I also speak a number of languages although English is my first which is clear spoken with a soft accent.

Built our studio workstation, (a dual boot Hackintosh) webpage and maintains all our internal tech to a great standard. Great guy into the bargain.


Producer, Z.A Productions

I’ve been using FixIT on my site for two years now. It currently handles 100,00 hits a month and support has always been immediate.


Owner, Ed Uncovered